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2021 Haiku / Senryū Collection

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Natureʻs blooming plants

Remind us of lifeʻs changes


(Photo by Merle Unoki)

Designs everywhere

Fish hook or partial anchor


Cool stream waters flow

Like the collection of thoughts

A natural force

(Photo by Keri Furukado)

(Photo by Keri Furukado)

At Honoliʻi

Spot not only for surfers

Feasting for the eyes

We can find beauty

In many unique places

Just lift up our eyes

Sakura blossoms

Awaken our minds and hearts

Lifeʻs fleeting nature

Hidden treasured falls

Finding them amidst green groves

Luscious foliage

The smallest flower

Often has the potential

To lift up your mood

Orchid perfection

A beautiful creation

A feast for our eyes

Todayʻs nostalgia

Remembering Hawaiʻi

A look back in time

On a walk today

Felt overwhelmed by a view

Of Maunakea


Art in all textures and hues

The beholderʻs eye

A clean and pure heart

Can sometimes be a rare find

Encourage its path

Representing love

Luxury, beauty and strength

The lovely orchid

Garland of flowers

Can be the start of a lei

Symbolic of love

Although not easy

To start off each day cheery

Begin peacefully

Life is just that way

There will be good and bad days

Still, smell the flowers


See the forest for the trees

Oh, what a concept

Flowers can shed light

When darkness overshadows

Fill your life with them

A picturesque view

Behold what our eyes feast on

Magnificent hues

Another beauty

The delicate hibiscus

Multi-colored hues

Sunrise in Hilo

The moon tucks away to sleep

The sun makes its way

Ka pua loke (the rose flower)

No Lā Makuahine (For Motherʻs Day)

Uʻi a (me) ka onaona (Beautiful and sweet)

Unsurpassed beauty

Many places in the world

None, though, like Hilo

Pink and white flowers

Tend to lend a pleasant smile

On many faces

To cross or not cross

A bridge offers you choices

Every choice is yours

A full moon sheds light

Emotional energy

Rises to greet us

Uncommon beauty

Deeply stirs in my naʻau (soulful heart)

Genuine feelings

(Photo by Leroy Pasalo)

Have a grateful heart

Reflect on all your blessings

Take time to give thanks

A yellow orchid

Splashes red on its palette

Honoring our chiefs

Innocent and pure

The dainty white hibiscus

And dancing raindrops

The peaceful calmness

Awaits our soulsʻ attention

Quietly calling

When Iʻm In despair

Remember through history

Truth and love will win

My shasta daisy

The first bloom of the season

Daisies make me smile

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

Whatever frame you look through

So glad I live here

Trees appear lifeless

Sometimes shedding its covers


The sun ends its day

When the moon came out to say

"It's my turn to play."

Waterʻs gift of life

Home to creatures of the sea

Provides nourishment

Branches of a tree

Carve out different designs


A mirroring pond

Reflects a tree's true colors

We are life a tree

Lotus flowers bloom

Hope is on the horizon

Go and seize the day

Sunset's orange hues

Pain a beautiful palette

Stirring us within

Spreading happiness

Said of a yellow flower

Symbol of friendship

Pua Lehua

One with the ʻōhia tree

Forever in love

The anthurium

Not known for being fragrant

Rather for its heart

Life on an island

A mountain serves as backdrop

To the sand and sea

Peek-a-boo mountain

Hiding between two green trees

Still so beautiful

Brainstorming birds here

So many things to discuss

We can learn from birds

Ah, Moku Ola

A land far in the distance

Refuge for us all

So captivating

Maunakea standing tall

Hawaiʻi my home

Trees soak up the sun

And provide far-reaching shade

Multi-tasking tree

Simply delicate...

ʻŌmaʻomaʻo (green)

Leaves of multi-colored greens

Luscious foliage

When nature creates

Its own rainbow of lovely

Appreciate all

Plumeria sweet

Yellow and white hues

Curtain of blue sky

The sun-cast shadows

On earthʻs trees and foliage

Delight to our eyes

So, this morning the sun shed its light and spread its warmth sweetly on these flowers foliage. Although 61 degrees in upper Kaūmana, I enjoyed traversing around my front yard to capture this angle of light...

Much like this treeʻs roots

The paths one takes are many

Always seeking growth

Striving to reach goals

The climb may not be easy

One step at a time

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