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Inspirational Poetry

Updated: Sep 16, 2022



By BJ Soriano

Looking out my window, sun peeking through

Sights of the neighbors are in my view

Whether they are happy or feeling blue

I really couldn't tell you

Pourin' water on their plants to give them some life

Someone else hanging laundry out to dry

Another on their cellphone making some plans

Above it all is a baby's cry

City life, apartment living

Sirens blaring, streetcars blinking

People walking, some are running

Hurry! Hustle! -- Let's get going

If ever life gets to you (ya)

When you are feeling down

There's a place where you can go

A little corner -- of your mind

(C) 2022 all rights reserved


By BJ Soriano

Inspired by Wailuku Hongwanji’s Rev. Shinkai Murakami’s “Hanamatsuri message”

1. Going through life we face many challenges and strife

Mirroring the steps, the baby Buddha took at birth

Through the realms of turmoil, we strive to be reborn

Into the Pure Land through Amida’s Universal Vow


We receive this precious life unrepeatable

Not one life greater than the other

Interdependent with everything around us

We strive to live together as one

2. Through the pouring of sweet tea over baby Buddha

We are reminded of the falling rain that cleanses us

With the adornment of flowers strewn in Lumbini Garden

We grow with the Light of Wisdom and Compassion

3. Living a life of Nembutsu within this world of darkness

Will act to pierce the dark like a beam of peace and light

Following the Nembutsu path with serenity and love

Our minds can come together in gratitude and joy

March 19, 2021, BJ Soriano (c) all rights reserved

The Truth, In My View

By: BJ Soriano

Twenty twenty has been some kind of a year

Though hard to describe, one thing was real clear

It was going to be rough, no roadmap to follow

Each day brought a new challenge, a pill tough to swallow

In March, from the east, a pandemic would come

Causing illness and death, escaping no one

With very little guidance from leaders all ‘round

We were left to our own choices which was not always sound

“Wear your masks, stay six feet apart” they soon said

The world in deep crisis with few hospital beds

By mid-summer we thought we might be in the clear

But Dr. Fauci warned us, a second wave was near

Then came an election, fraught with such clashing views

Voting by mail or in person, you could choose

Our democracy challenged by those who would lose

Making threats and allegations, they acted like fools

I reflect deeply on what I’ve learned about life

That taking things for granted is not right

I’ve gained new understanding of so many folks

And have become more tolerant and accepting of those

Twenty-twenty one, without doubt, will be coming our way

Vaccines now upon us, can we keep Covid at bay?

Soon a new President will lead the great U.S.A.

Crossing our fingers we’ll soon see a much brighter day!

December 23, 2020, BJ Soriano (c) all rights reserved

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